Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trial

What does our free trial include?

We are giving you use of EcoOffice free for one month to try it out. This includes EcoOffice processing up to 50 documents on your behalf, if you would like to try out our bookkeeping service.

How do I register to use EcoOffice?

You can click here to register. It will only take a minute

What happens at the end of the free trial?

Before your free trial ends we will contact you to provide payment details, if you wish to continue using EcoOffice after the trial period. If you do not wish to continue, you do not need to do anything


What can I do in EcoGo?

EcoGo is primarily for keeping track of your expense, mileage, and cash income (if applicable)
For some clients, this is all they need, for others it will be a tool to be used in combination with EcoOffice
Within EcoGo you can also take a photo of any expenses and the photo will be stored with the entry in your accounts


When will my monthly management accounts be ready?

We always aim to complete the monthly management accounts by the 15th of the following month. However, if you don’t import your paperwork promptly or provide timely responses to queries, there can be delays

How long do my accounts take to update?

We aim to process all imported documents overnight. If we require extra information to be able to process a document correctly there can be a delay while we wait for a reply

EcoOffice Software

Are there any file naming conventions?

EcoOffice requires all filenames to begin with the date in reverse order, yyyy-mm-dd. You can then add your own identifiers, or your scanning software might do this automatically, like 2016-10-31-001.PDF
If you are emailing files to us, they will automatically be renamed using the date and time of the email

What type of documents can be imported?

EcoOffice can handle any type of document. If you are using our bookkeeping service then we prefer to receive PDF documents, however Word/Excel files and images are acceptable too

Video Tutorials

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To view the video at a slower speed, click the Settings icon (cog) and select Speed, then either 0.75, 0.50 or 0.25

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